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An experience we will never forget
March 24, 2012

Cooking class

You will never really know a place until you taste it. Vietnam fabulous cuisine is definitely one of the most overwhelming delights the country offers its guests. It is even much more fascinating to take some cooking classes here to savor the secret arts of local cookery. Of course, you may not expect to become an expert after just few hours, yet good fun and top value for money is always guaranteed.

Most of the cooking classes possibly occupy a half of day in your time budget (morning or afternoon). Starting with a visit to a nearby local market, you will then come back class for a cooking demonstration before jumping into hands-on experience and finally enjoying your creations. Usually, you will receive a certificate of participation at the end of the lesson.

The highlight is, perhaps, the trip to the market where you will explore the world of Vietnamese ingredients, herbs and flavors. All are fresh, no more canned or frozen. What’s more, among friendly locals, you must feel like you have been living in Vietnam for a long time.  It is really a fabulous down to earth experience.



From North to South Vietnam, recipes and regional specialties are very different from one region to another. Vietnamese cuisine is exquisite and fine, it is less greasy, than Chinese food and less spicy than Thai food so Vietnamese food  is well suited for western stomachs.

Close to China and Laos, the Northern Vietnam offers a tasteful flavor than the South and more nutritious.

Vietnam has been listed among biggest rice exporter that explain why there are so many dishes made from rice such as: noodle,cake, rice paper roll…People have rice as main meal every day.

Vietnam is also country rich in fresh vegetables and herbs all year around thank to the tropical climate. All the meals include with vegetables or fresh herbs even with street food. An usual meal from the North, the Central to the South is a plate containing cucumbers, bean threads, slices of hot pepper, sprigs of basil, coriander, mint and a number of related herbs found principally in Southeast Asian markets.

This country has about 2000 km length of coastline and many rivers, lakes, lagoons, ponds so both aquatic species in freshwater or saltwater, is abundant.

There is many way of cooking such as: boiling, steaming, roasting, deep frying, stir frying… Fried food is popular, including deep frying and stir frying but the Vietnamese do not like greasy dishes as Chinese so minimal amount of oil will be applied while cooking aim at keeping the natural and fresh taste as much as possible.

Take a cooking class is the nicest way to experience the region, you will not only discover the cultural cuisine but also share the memorable moment with friendly locals.

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